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I have been taking photographs and, in later years, making videos, for over 60 years. Some of it has been professionally but mostly for my own pleasure.

My photographs have been published in various media outlets and won awards in the past when I thought these mattered. In more recent years I no longer enter competitions. Nothing against the competitions or those who do enter and win, I've seen some fantastic photos, but in my dotage it now only matters to me if I like a picture I have taken. I have the confidence that comes with age to feel that if I love the picture, it is good, and the experience to know that the old saying of beauty being in the eye of the beholder is so very, very true.

In this century I have travelled widely and, during those travels, taken many photographs. After a while people started to ask me as to why I didn't try to sell some as prints. This site is my positive response to those requests.

Between 2015, when I set the site up, and the end of 2017 I sold a large number of prints; my thanks go to everyone who bought a moment of my life and I sincerely hope you are still enjoying looking at it. Other work took over at the beginning of 2018 and I put the site on a temporary hold.

Now, with a new adventure planned and a bit of work-juggling, I am reviving the site. I hope you enjoy looking even if you decide not to buy.

You can check out those beginnings here.


Every photo on the site is for sale; ONCE. This is what makes the sale so unique. Once a print is sold, that print will be withdrawn from those on offer on the site.

No one else can ever own the print that you buy. You, and I, will be the only people in possession of that photograph, unless, of course, you have bought it as a present. It will be a unique ownership. Who knows one day it might be worth a lot more than you paid for it.

The prints are available in three formats, unframed, on canvas or on wood.

The size for both formats is a standard 16” X 12” (40cms X 30cms)

The prices for unframed prints is £50.00 including postage and packing within the UK. Buyers from outside the UK should add a further £10.00 for postage and packing.

The price for prints on canvas or wood is £100.00, again including postage and packing. Buyers from outside the UK should, again, add a further £10.00 for postage and packing.

I am prepared to offer a discount if you wish to buy more than one print in any one category. If you order three prints, you can have a fourth print, in the same category, totally free.

Details on how to reserve or purchase a print can be found on the individual category pages.

Each print will be signed by me on the reverse side with the date when it was taken and where.


Listed below are the various categories into which I have grouped my photos.

Sometimes the border is slightly blurred. A sunset may be found in “Sunset” or “Reflections”. It will depend on how the whim took me at the time.

There will never be more than 12 photos in any one group. Photos may be changed monthly.

When a photo is sold, it will be replaced by a new photo if one is available. Otherwise the group will contain less than 12 photos.

If the number in a group reduces to a very low level, I may withdraw that group and substitute a new one.

I will give at least one month's notice if I decide to withdraw a group of photos. The notice will appear in the ticket-tape message at the top of this page.

Photos that have been sold will remain on the site for a while after their sale but the photo will have a large “SOLD” printed across the image.



In September 2020 I hope to be setting out on my fourth journey around and through England. It's all in connection with a website I run for kids, aiming to tell them about the history and geography of their country.

It would seem a waste as I travel not to produce some photographs from the journey, thereby, yet again, turning a moment into a forever.

I have put all the counties and metropolitan boroughs of England into different groups. Each area, within a group, will have four photos available to buy, taken from the journey.

The same conditions apply as for my other photos. One buyer, photo deleted, no one else can have it.

However there is a slight exception as a complete set of all unframed photos will be auctioned for a well-known children's charity once we finish the journey.

Photos will begin to appear in late September 2020.

To view the route, see here.

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